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Adopt f1505 (Trumpet)

SKU: AD-F1505-01
On the morning of May 4th, Mexican gray wolf F1143 gave birth to a single pup (f1505) – a robust little girl nicknamed “Trumpet” for her loud squeals. Unbeknownst to the kiddo, Trumpet has been warming the hearts of a global audience via the WCC's remote webcams. But beyond being adorable, the pocket-size predator represents the Center's active participation in an effort to save a species on the brink of extinction.
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Adoption Level
  • Level 1 ($25): Receive certificate of adoption, 8×10 photo, wolf bio & newsletter
    Level 2 ($50): Receive certificate of adoption, 8×10 photo, wolf bio, newsletter and calendar
    Level 3 ($100): Receive two 8×10 photos, wolf bio, newsletter and T-shirt
    Level 4 ($500): Receive certificate of adoption, 8×10 photos, wolf bios, newsletter, calendar, T-shirt and hat

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