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Ecology and Recovery of the Red Wolf with Joseph Hinton, PhD

 hinton red wolf release

Date: April 13, 2017
Time: 6:00PM 
Fee: $20/adult

In general, conservation of carnivore populations is fraught with political, social, and ecological problems. This is particularly true for red wolf recovery, in which red wolf survival and hybridization with coyotes are difficult to tackle because they are sensitive to anthropogenic factors, specifically the effects of human-caused mortality. Join Joseph Hinton, PhD as he reviews recent research on the only wild population of red wolves and suggests how new knowledge can be used to develop clear and attainable strategies for red wolf recovery. After the talk, guests will take a short sunset hike to howl with Ambassador Wolves Atka, Alawa, Nikai and Zephyr and behold the WCC’s critically endangered red wolves and Mexican wolves. This program is for adults 21 years old and over. Wine and cheese will be served. Pre-registration is required.

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